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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Access to EfSM

Do I need to take out a subscription?

No. EfSM is an open-access journal, i.e., it is freely available to readers without subscription.

Does EfSM appear on a regular schedule?

Within a volume (2021 = volume 1) EfSM appears by article, i.e., as soon as a manuscript has been accepted after peer-review, it will be published as soon as possible.

Publication in different languages

In which languages does EfSM appear?

All articles in EfSM are published in English (global) and German (Germany). Translations for further countries/languages can be provided for additional publication fees.

On my country website of EfSM I find articles in my national language as well as in English. What’s it all about?

All articles in EfSM are published in English  and German. As long as there is no translation for your country, articles are shown in their English original version (global - English).

I cannot find a certain country in the country selection list.

There can be various reasons for this:

  • We don’t (yet) provide any translations for this country.
  • For technical reasons, the country is not shown in the expected place within the alphabet, e.g., because its name begins with a special character. Try a look at the end of the country selection list.