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About Us

Our commitment

The central commitment of Evidence for Self-Medication (EfSM) is to promote the dissemination of current scientific knowledge in the field of evidence-based self-medication.

Editorial team

EfSM is managed by a professional editorial team of medical and pharmaceutical editors who have vast experience in scientific publishing. Pharmacist Dr. Heike Oberpichler-Schwenk, Stuttgart, is head of the editorial staff.

The EfSM editorial board (chair: Prof. Thomas Herdegen, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, Kiel University) is a diverse group of distinguished pharmacists, physicians, pharmacologist, and life scientists. Board members advise the editorial staff throughout the review and formal appeal processes.

The editorial staff is supported by a network of peer reviewers who evaluate and ensure the quality of the submitted articles.

Editorial and publishing policies

EfSM shares many common policies, covering professional conduct, publication rights, copyrights, and open access.