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Perceived effectiveness and increased quality of life after Macrogol 4000 use in patients with …

With a prevalence of 14 – 30% in Spain, constipation impacts quality of life (QoL) and general well-being in the affected population. A survey conducted through Spanish pharmacies among 100 ...

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Autor: Georgina Logusso, Nuno Correia, Alexia Aran i Maria MilitaoEFSM: 2023;3:230030DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0030Data: 25.09.2023

Real-world data demonstrate added value of cineole over nasal spray monotherapy for rhinosinusitis

The efficacy of 1,8-cineole in treating acute rhinosinusitis has been repeatedly demonstrated in randomised-controlled double-blind trials [1, 2]. Now, a non-interventional trial under everyday condit ...

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Autor: Dr. Simon Braun i Dr. Lukas UebbingEFSM: 2023;3:230028DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0028Data: 18.09.2023

Safety of fexofenadine as over-the-counter treatment for allergic rhinitis in Italy 

Switches of oral antihistamines (OAHs) from prescription drug to over-the-counter (OTC) status may raise safety concerns due to misuse or abuse, as seen with first-generation antihistamines. A real-wo ...

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Autor: Marina Volonté, DVM, Mohamed Amessou, PhD, MBA i Maria Chiara Uboldi, PhDEFSM: 2023;3:230023DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0023Data: 10.09.2023

Fexofenadine: A review of its use in the treatment of urticaria in pediatric and adult populations

Urticaria is an inflammatory skin disorder primarily resulting from activation of cutaneous mast cells. The released inflammatory mediators and histamine are responsible for the development of wheals ...

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Autor: Margarita Murrieta-Aguttes, MD i Mohamed Amessou, PhD, MBAEFSM: 2023;3:230014DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0014Data: 04.09.2023

Practical guidance for the diagnosis and management of functional abdominal cramping pain

Functional abdominal cramping pain (FACP) is a common but presently under-recognised condition. Practical recommendations for FACP diagnosis and management are lacking. A recent publication based on a ...

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Autor: Daniel Marquez, Harald Weigmann i Robert LangeEFSM: 2023;3:230020DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0020Data: 25.08.2023

Combination of probiotics, plant extracts and micronutrients shows positive effects on the …

Functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract cause symptoms that can have a significant impact on the quality of life. Maintaining an intact intestinal barrier is essential for preventing and tr ...

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Autor: Dr. Stephan Barth, Giorgia Bulferi, Roberta Lanza, Heide De Togni i Floriana RasoEFSM: 2023;3:230011DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0011Data: 24.07.2023

Real-world data confirm effectiveness of a thyme-ivy extract combination

From October 2019 to April 2020, the phytopharmaceutical Bronchipret® Drops, which contains a thyme-ivy extract combination (BNO 1200), was investigated in a large, practice-oriented, pharmacy-based o ...

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Autor: Claudia B. BittnerEFSM: 2023;3:230009DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0009Data: 29.01.2023

Efficacy and safety of fexofenadine in children with allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is the most common undiagnosed chronic condition in children and negatively affects sleep, school performance and leisure activities. Intranasal corticosteroids and oral antihistamin ...

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Autor: Margarita Murrieta-Aguttes, MD, Mohamed Amessou, PhD, MBA i Michele Lheritier-Barrand, MDEFSM: 2023;3:230003DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0003Data: 29.01.2023

Onychomycosis guideline update

Self-medication with antimycotic nail polishes plays an important role in Germany due to the numerous OTC drugs available and an increasing number of onychomycosis cases. Older patients in particular ...

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Autor: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Mayser i Mareike NiehausEFSM: 2023;3:230001DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0001Data: 02.01.2023

Onset of the neutralising action of antacids based on calcium and magnesium carbonate using an …

An in-vitro study

The in-vitro study evaluated the onset of the neutralising action of the antacid Rennie® as compared to a placebo. Among other things, the results showed a rise in the pH of the artificial stomach liq ...

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Autor: Sandra Bartylla i Malte GrieswelleEFSM: 2022;2:220160DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0160Data: 14.12.2022