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Onychomycosis guideline update

Self-medication with antimycotic nail polishes plays an important role in Germany due to the numerous OTC drugs available and an increasing number of onychomycosis cases. Older patients in particular ...

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Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Mayser and Mareike NiehausEFSM: 2023;3:230001DOI: 10.52778/efsm.23.0001Date: 02.01.2023

Onset of the neutralising action of antacids based on calcium and magnesium carbonate using an …

An in-vitro study

The in-vitro study evaluated the onset of the neutralising action of the antacid Rennie® as compared to a placebo. Among other things, the results showed a rise in the pH of the artificial stomach liq ...

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Author: Sandra Bartylla and Malte GrieswelleEFSM: 2022;2:220160DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0160Date: 14.12.2022

Metamizole: A comprehensive approach to its benefit-risk profile

Metamizole is a drug with many years of use in some countries, and a large number of patients are exposed to its pharmacologic effects. The safety assessments have been done decades ago; therefore, it ...

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Author: Waltraud Stromer, PhD and Mariana Palladini, PhDEFSM: 2022;2:220153DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0153Date: 02.11.2022

Circadian rhythm and its potential influence on gut motility

The gastrointestinal system exhibits circadian fluctuations in activity that are under control of central and peripheral mechanisms. Disturbance of such rhythms may be associated with symptoms like co ...

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Author: Robert Lange, PhD and Sabine Landes, PhDEFSM: 2022;2:220144DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0144Date: 12.09.2022

Self-Healing concept for musculoskeletal pain management: An evidence-based review

International guidelines are commonly integrating complementary and integrative approaches into the management of musculoskeletal pain. This improves overall well-being while concomitantly reducing th ...

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Author: Bill Giannakopoulos, PharmD, Hayet Kechemir, MD, Mohamed Amessou, PhD and Iva Igracki Turudic, MDEFSM: 2022;2:220130DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0130Date: 21.08.2022

Meta-analysis and narrative review confirm the benefit of essential phospholipids in non-alcoholic …

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), also known as metabolic associated fatty liver disease or MAFLD, is one of the most common liver diseases worldwide. Although NAFLD is associated with metabo ...

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Author: Lorena Petcu, MD and Branko Popovic, MDEFSM: 2022;2:220121DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0121Date: 08.07.2022

Daily intake of Panax ginseng extract (G115®) supplemented with vitamins and minerals reduces …

Fatigue negatively impacts quality of life even in otherwise healthy individuals. Recent systematic reviews provide mechanistic plausibility for these effects. In addition, a recent study demonstrates ...

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Author: Anne-Laure Tardy, PhD and Lionel Noah, PhDEFSM: 2022;2:220115DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0115Date: 24.06.2022

Real-world data support the use of essential phospholipids in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

The prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is increasing worldwide, as are the long-term risks to health of the affected. Alongside changes in lifestyle and diet, pharmacotherapy is ...

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Author: Beata Cywińska-Durczak, MD and Branko Popovic, MDEFSM: 2022;2:220108DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0108Date: 09.06.2022

Zinc and Bacillus clausii: a promising combination to improve immunity in children?

Dietary administration of zinc and use of probiotics can strengthen the immune system in humans, including children. This may lead to fewer and shorter respiratory tract infection episodes. Whether th ...

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Author: Dorothea M. Greifenberg, PhD and Marcos Perez III., MDEFSM: 2022;2:220084DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0084Date: 10.04.2022

Probiotics: quality matters

Probiotics are a generally safe treatment option and have been evaluated positively for several conditions by the Cochrane Collaboration. However, they must have adequate compositional quality and be ...

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Author: Paolo Pellegrino, MD and Marcos Perez III., MDEFSM: 2022;2:220086DOI: 10.52778/efsm.22.0086Date: 10.04.2022