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Relief of acute cough by cough syrup with mucoprotection

Two randomised, blind, controlled, multicentre studies investigated the therapeutic effect of a chemical and mechanical barrier in the upper airways produced by polysaccharide-resin-honey based cough ...

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Author: Tobias Mück, PhDEFSM: 2021;1:210004DOI: 10.52778/efsm.21.0004Date: 16.08.2021

Pharmacokinetics of ibuprofen: comparison of the fixed combination of ibuprofen plus caffeine with …

Results of two single-dose studies (randomised, single centre, crossover, open-label)

Analgesics containing readily soluble ibuprofen (e.g. as the lysinate) were developed with the aim of ensuring a more rapid relief of pain than ibuprofen acid through faster absorption in the gastroin ...

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Author: Thomas Weiser, PhDEFSM: 2021;1:210007DOI: 10.52778/efsm.21.0007Date: 16.08.2021

Abdominal pain, cramping and discomfort impair women's quality of life: an internet-based …

In this internet-based observational study, 96% of the women questioned reported that abdominal pain, cramping and discomfort sometimes interfered with their everyday activities; 44% even stated that ...

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Author: Harald Weigmann, PhDEFSM: 2021;1:210009DOI: 10.52778/efsm.21.0009Date: 16.08.2021